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Confessions of a Wallflower

~ Written by Viki Rife  I had slipped into my parents’ bedroom to hide my toys from my little sister, who was learning to crawl. I must have been about three. Immersed in my fantasy play, I talked aloud to myself. Then my mother called for me from the kitchen, and as I stood up, […]

Desiring Effortless Faith

~ Written by Cassie Harris “I don’t want to work fast food; it’s too degrading. I don’t want to work in a factory; the hours are too intense.” I held back biting remarks as my friends explained how much they were willing to pour into a career. They wanted the benefits of a job and […]

Finding Another Dimension 

~ Written by Viki Rife She walked unsteadily into the room, dragging her blanket and rubbing her eyes. Maybe it was the sound of her big brother Skyping with me that woke her up from her nap. He was animatedly showing and explaining his latest Lego construction. My two-year-old granddaughter, shy as always, stood back […]

Tie My Shoe

   ~ Written by Viki Rife When my daughter was 4, she had a best friend she spent a lot of time with. One day they got into a fight. My daughter was crying as if her heart would break. “Jenny,” was all she could get out through her sobs. It became obvious that she […]

Viki's Blog

A burning question for believers

About fifteen of us sat together for almost three hours as we wrestled with the question: how do we make a radical difference in the spiritual growth of the next generation? The group included children’s workers, youth leaders and pastors, and senior pastors from various churches. We all agreed that we need to invest in the young people God...

God sees

Recently I’ve spent a lot of time in the book of Ruth. One thing that strikes me is how obvious it is that God saw and rewarded her daily choices to do the right thing—often the hard thing. She went far beyond in her commitment to her mother-in-law, not only vowing to stick with her until death, but following through by providing for her with...

What about balance?

It's a wonderful, exciting time of year--this season we call Christmas. It's also exhausting. We find ourselves falling wearily into bed at the end of a day of adding party planning and shopping to our already full lives; then, just as we're falling asleep, we remember yet another thing we really need to do this season. "How much am I expected to...

The Faith of a Child

It’s been a hard week as we’ve watched a very dear couple welcome a baby into their family only to lose her five days later. One of many concerns was how our four-and-a-half-year-old grandson would handle the news of his little cousin’s death. He has prayed fervently for Olivia since her health concerns first surfaced months before she...

Nicole's Blog

Who Are You Looking At?

Praying for extended periods of time used to frighten me. I was nervous about the silence, about what to say, about getting bored. I was especially nervous to pray out loud with others for extended periods. Now however, joining together in prayer with others, especially women who are in ministry with me, is a highlight…

Theological Thoughts

If I am being completely honest, my thoughts in the past year have revolved around my turning 30. Those of you older than me, think my life is just starting, those of you who are younger, agree with me and think I’m old! Or not! The truth is, I simply feel like I am beginning…

From Wheaton College!

Hi all! What a marathon I have had! Thursday of last week I trekked from Syracuse, Indiana to Washington D.C. I was part of adult conference there and able to celebrate Women of Grace’s 75th anniversary with them as well as had the opportunity to see Janet Minnix honored for her 17 years of service…

Abundant Blessings!

I have felt so blessed this last week. I have had many opportunities to be reminded of my heart and the passion which God has placed in me. Today, at church, the pastor spoke on the fight to men specifically and last week about the difficulties we face as women. I love when the Church has the chance…

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