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Mug and Muffin ministry in Harrah, Washington

After going to a poorly attended women’s retreat in the Fall of 2003, where I was very blessed by the speaker, my friend Ann Glover and I started talking about the idea of creating an opportunity for the ladies in our church to be able to hear godly women and be encouraged and ministered to as we were at the retreat. I had heard about the Mug ‘n Muffin concept from my home church in Sacramento where they had been doing it for several years. Ann caught the vision as well and we decided to try it.

We launched our first Mug ‘n Muffin in January 2004 with about 60 women attending. At first we thought we could do it three times a year, but after a couple years we realized that it might be better to have them twice or even once a year. So over the years we have dropped down to once a year. The women look forward to them all year long and we occasionally get phone calls through the year from women asking, “Did I miss the Mug ‘n Muffin?!”

We have tried to make the Mug ‘n Muffin a fun and exciting time of fellowship and learning. It is a great opportunity to show our unchurched friends, neighbors and co-workers how much fun Christian women really are. It is designed to be an outreach, an opportunity for fellowship, and an encouraging time for the women. We host our Mug ‘n Muffins on a Saturday morning from 9 am to 11 am. Each one is different but they all have basically the same components: A speaker, food, music, door prizes, a game, food, a special feature (a fun project) and, did I mention, food!? Each woman brings her own mug and we provide the coffee, tea, ice water and hot chocolate fixings.

Since we’re a pretty small group, each of our women bring 2-4 dozen finger foods to share for the breakfast buffet. We have everything from fruit, muffins, stuffed eggs, mini sandwiches, taquitos, and much more. The sky seems to be the limit!

The tickets for Mug ‘n Muffin are free. However, everyone has to have a ticket so we have an idea of how many women to expect. We also encourage the women to bring a “lost” friend. We host the Mug ‘n Muffins in our church’s fellowship hall. We set up tables for 8-10 ladies and each table has a hostess. The table hostess also provides leadership for her ladies as needed for the game, obtaining food, singing songs, etc.

Each Mug ‘n Muffin has a different theme. Our first one was in January so we decorated with winter decorations and snowmen. Some of our other themes have been Spring time, traveling, the 50’s, birds, Western, shoes, apples, summer camp and Mother Goose. For each theme, we have decorations, a special feature, a game, songs and door prizes. From time to time, we have had our table hostesses and other morning workers, dress up for the morning’s theme. This past Mug ‘n Muffin was “Mother Goose Tyme” and each of our workers dressed up as one of the characters from a rhyme. It was a lot of fun and the women loved it. We played a game about Mother Goose trivia, decorated with Mother Goose memorabilia and our special feature was three women reading Mother Goose rhymes and comparing them with some more contemporary take offs on that same rhyme.

Our speakers are usually local. When I approach a possible speaker, I ask her if she would be willing to share with us what God has been doing in her life and her relationship with Him. I also ask her to share her testimony and incorporate the plan of salvation into her message. As a result, we have heard some remarkable testimonies of God’s love, power and faithfulness. I also tell them that they don’t have to tie in their message with our theme. They generally have about 25 minutes to speak. Each of our morning workers are also equipped with “Have You Heard of the Four Spiritual Laws?” booklets in the event that they have someone they can share them with after the program is over.

Our music is fun and upbeat. Depending on the particular Mug ‘n Muffin and its theme, we often have two songs, some special music to prepare our hearts for the speaker and then a closing song after the speaker.

This is our general morning format:

  • Welcome and prayer for food and the morning
  • Get food and take about 15-20 minutes for fellowship and eating
  • Ice breaker/game to get acquainted
  • Sing 2 upbeat songs
  • Special feature (for example, a craft demonstration, how to grow and care for orchids, etc.)
  • Special music to prepare our hearts for the speaker
  • Speaker
  • Closure – give the Gospel. Talk about your personal relationship with God
  • Announcements
  • Closing song
  • Closing prayer

As you can see, the variety and versatility of the Mug ‘n Muffins are unlimited. We hope that if you should host a Mug ‘n Muffin, that you’ll be as blessed as we have. “May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.” Philemon 25.

submitted by Diane Touhey



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