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Review committee: Martha Schumacher (Chairman), Michelle Phelps and Christy Carmean.

War of Words War of Words

  by Paul David Tripp. P&R Publishing, 2000.

The subtitle of the book says, “Getting to the Heart of your Communication Struggles.” This excellent book gives practical advice from a professional counselor,   revealing personal study questions and many Bible passages to bring it all together. This is not just another self-help book – War of Words will help you get beyond the surface issues to discover and examine the roots of your struggle with words and assist you in the process of finding victory.

Life You've Always Wanted

The Life You’ve Always Wanted

by John Ortberg. Zondervan, 1997.

John Ortberg, in his easy-to-follow style, addresses spiritual discipline and takes us through ten disciplines that will help lead us to spiritual transformation (The Life We’ve Always Wanted). We have all, at one time or another, wondered why we have not achieved the life we’ve always wanted. This is “more than just a book about things we should do if we want to be good Christians. It’s an encouraging and challenging approach to a Christian life that’s worth living.” A study guide for small groups is also available.

Hidden JoyHidden Joy in a Dark Corner

by Wendy Blight. Moody Publishers, 2009.

Have you experienced a life-changing event that has left you emotionally destroyed – wondering where God was in all that happened? The author shares her intensely personal story in a compelling way, but she moves the reader on to see how God, over time, released her from her disabling fears and “the certainty that her life would never be normal again.” Her practical chapters on quiet times, prayer and abiding in Christ can apply to every Christian, not just those who have suffered some form of abuse. The details of your story may be different, but God can meet your needs in the same healing, life-changing way.

9780884692812On The Road To Bangui: Journeys Of A Safari Surgeon

by R. Douglas Cassel, M.D. BMH Books, 2012.


This is a book of personal memoirs of a Pennsylvania surgeon who made repeated, extended trips to the Central African Republic to do surgeries and train Africans in surgical techniques. Highlights include some of Dr. Cassel’s first memories of the sights and smells of sub-Saharan Africa and many stories of difficult surgical cases and of seeing God work in unexpected and miraculous ways.

Etched Upon My HeartEtched Upon My Heart

by Jill Kelly. Faith/Words Publishing, 2013.


Jill Kelly, wife of professional football player Jim Kelly, shares a collection of wisdom that she has gained through coming to Christ as an adult, a rocky time in their marriage, and the death of their 8-year-old son, Hunter. She consistently points the reader to God in the midst of circumstances in life that are out of our control or don’t go the way we wanted. Each chapter ends with a list of scriptures that pertain to that topic, a prayer, and a list of things learned that she never wants to forget!



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