Suggested Bible Studies

FriendshipsThe Friendships of Women by Dee Brestin

Join Dee Brestin as she discusses the various forms of friendships and the purpose Christ has for them in our lives.  Some of the topics she explores are making friendship an idol, mentoring, envy, and choosing the right friends. This thirteen-chapter book study, designed for women of all ages, has questions ideal for group discussion.

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EnhancingEnhancing Your Marriage by Judy Rossi

In Enhancing Your Marriage, Rossi begins with a focus on the woman’s relationship with God.  She then addresses some of the struggles women face in marriage: love, respect, attitude, commitment, friendship, sex, romance, communication and prayer. This twelve-week study includes five days of homework each week which requires the participant to dive into scripture.

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MercyJames – Mercy Triumphs by Beth Moore

This seven-week study on the book of James not only focuses on the content of the letter but also presents a clear understanding of the author and cultural context. The multi-level format allows each individual to choose the level of involvement and depth of detail she’s comfortable pursuing. DVD, leader’s guide, and participant books available.

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Always TrueAlways True by James MacDonald

In his book Always True, James MacDonald take a close look at five key promises that believers can cling to as they journey through life. With each promise he points out a problem that the promise solves. For example, the promise that God will never leave us should eliminate fear. He also introduces each chapter with a “Theology of Promise” that explains why we can trust God’s promises. It can be used as a stand-alone book or with the companion DVD series.

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When Life is HardWhen Life is Hard by James MacDonald

In his trademark straight-shooter style, Dr. James MacDonald shares his story and the truths God revealed to him through his several year journey of hardship and cancer diagnosis. It is very practical and truth oriented. The questions at the end of each chapter take the reader on a life-changing journey. Available as a book study or DVD series.

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BoundariesBoundaries: When to Say Yes; When to Say No by Henry Cloud & John Townsend

Most people face unhappiness and frustration because they do not establish boundaries around their lives. The authors, who are psychologists, write from the reference point of psychology, but seek to back up many of their premises with scripture. They provide basic principles of boundary-setting and then apply them to various aspects of life, such as marriage, children, and work. While primarily a book to be read, a workbook is available for further study.

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