Suggested Bible Studies

godlyWhen Godly People Do Ungodly Things by Beth Moore

Beth Moore writes with fire and affection about the threat of spiritual seduction. She is attuned to the spiritual battle in ways many Christians ignore. Seduction, she writes, differs from temptation in degree, taking it to a whole “new” level: “a [sudden] tidal wave of temptation and unholy assault” (pg. 4). Examples of spiritual seduction abound in the book … including phases of depression, withdrawal, eating disorders, the urge to steal, unexplainable violence, and sexual bondage. More importantly, Moore provides specific, practical, and biblical exhortation to stave off seduction or to get unstuck. Full Review



nehemiahNehemiah: The Courage to Face Opposition by Don Fields

As Don Fields leads you through twelve sessions to dig into the Old Testament story of Nehemiah, you will discover how this leader’s courage and faith can inspire you as you struggle to live a life pleasing to God. This revised LifeGuide Bible Study features additional questions for starting group discussions, and encourages participants to meet God in personal reflection [or] together with expanded leader’s notes and a “Now or Later” section in each study. Especially recommended this for women in leadership. Full Review



graceGrace to Stand Firm, Grace to Grow by Carol J. Ruvulo

Peter wanted the Church to become armed with the promises of God so that they would know how to live holy lives set apart for God’s purposes amongst unbelievers, false teachers and with brothers and sisters in the faith. He wanted them to grow in their faith, steadfastly awaiting their glorious entrance into Heaven, which Peter experienced just after the writing of II Peter. Carol Ruvulo presents many good teaching moments, and desires for the church to be passionate, making an impact in the world. It is worth the study, but be prepared for a hefty load of reading. Full Review



standStand: A Call for the Endurance of the Saints by John Piper, et. al.

Features Jerry Bridges on four essentials of finishing well and John Piper on allowing Christ be our greatest investment in our lives. John MacArthur traces the life and statements of Paul to reveal the secret of his finishing well, Randy Alcorn describes how endurance is built up through small commitments and decisions. Helen Rosevere, a missionary to the Congo, discusses running the race, using personalities from church history who maintained a perseverance in spite of suffering and trials. This book could produce a conversation-oriented Bible study ten to twelve weeks. Full Review



freeBreaking Free: The Journey, The Stories by Beth Moore

It doesn’t take Beth Moore long before she starts meddling. You know—those pesky questions that apply to me! Do you want to positively affect the generations following you—your children and grandchildren? Do you want to know and believe God more fully? Do you want to glorify Him? Find satisfaction in Him? Experience His peace?

This ten-week study, focusing on the Book of Isaiah, will help you uncover subtle (and not so subtle) habits, history, and hurts that are hindering you from experiencing closeness and fulfillment in your Heavenly Father. Get ready to drop those shackles and take off sprinting into the open arms of Abba Father! Full Review


confidentBe Confident by Warren Wiersbe

An analysis of the Epistle to the Hebrews seeking to give an overview of the main subjects of the book. Replete with helpful outlines of the message of the different subjects of Hebrews, the book would make an excellent study guide for small groups who would like to make an in-depth study of Hebrews without getting into difficult technical problems. The outlines are quite personal in their applications and provide an excellent overview of Hebrews. Full Review



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