Book Review:

The Three Princes: Lifting the Veil on the Unseen World

By Tom Julien

If you are like me, you may live in a small community of America made up of primarily white middle-class people. Conversations about demonic or other spiritual activities just don’t come up that often. Over the years, I have read books by Frank Peretti and other authors and I’ve been drawn into the drama of the fictional story. I’ve wondered about how much of those stories were actually a writer’s imagination and how much of that really happens in the invisible spirit world. I have heard overseas missionaries tell stories of demonic possessions and miraculous healings. While I have believed their stories, it seems so out of context for my regular life. I have read the Bible passages that talk about our battle being “not against flesh and blood but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms”(Eph. 6:12 NIV). But in my sheltered world, I know that I really don’t understand that unseen battle that is taking place. Tom Julien, in his book The Three Princes, takes the Bible from cover to cover and writes the story of redemption and of the often-ignored spiritual battle that is taking place.

            Tom tells the story in terms of the three princes of this world. The first prince of the world was Adam, made especially by God to rule the newly created world. As you know, Adam’s reign was tragically short. His authority is taken from him by the second prince of this world, Satan. The unseen battle has begun. Satan is determined to lead mankind in a complete rebellion against God. The Old Testament is filled with the downward spiral of man’s sin and God’s judgment. But there is hope! There is one more Prince, Jesus Christ, who comes to earth as a man to redeem what was lost.

            Tom Julien, a retired Grace Brethren missionary to France, accomplishes what the subtitle to the book suggests: he lifts the veil of the unseen world. Most of us are pretty ignorant of what is taking place in the spiritual realm. And quite frankly, I think we are happy to stay that way. But, after reading The Three Princes, your eyes will be opened a little more to the spirit world. He shows the intense conflict that started in the Garden of Eden and the way it will end in the book of Revelation. But he also shows that this battle is happening today. His practical words on Satan’s schemes (chapter 10), utilizing the armor of God (chapters 12-13), and prayer (chapter 14) are chapters I could read on a monthly basis to remind me the importance of my daily walk with Jesus.    

            The Three Princes is filled with God’s word. It is hard to find a page that doesn’t quote or reference the Bible. There is a Scripture Index in the back of the book where you can find that hundreds of verses from 36 books of the Bible are quoted.  I really appreciated that Tom doesn’t just tell you what he believes, but he shows you in the Bible where he bases his beliefs. I was also reminded that Jesus triumphed over Satan through speaking the Word of God (pg. 123). Yes, I spend time reading God’s Word on a regular basis. But I was convicted that I need to be memorizing passages of Scripture in order to be armed against the attacks of the devil.  

            The Three Prices does a great job of telling the redemption story of the Bible in a big-picture format. Sometimes I am so familiar with the stories in the Bible, or I get so focused on small segments that I can lose track of the main theme. It was refreshing to read a book that highlighted God’s entire dramatic plan and allowed me to review it all in a few hours.

            I highly recommend this book to any believer, no matter what level of maturity. The Three Princes is an easy to read book that is filled with solid Bible teaching as well as an encouragement to stand firm in the midst of the unseen battle around us.

 Book review by Christy Carmean

Published by BMH Books

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